Transponder Certification: Avionics in Ann Arbor, Detroit, Michigan

IFR and VFR equipped aircraft require transponder testing and certification every 2 years

Transponders are vital to aircraft safety and you need to keep current with certification requirements.  Top Flight Avionics is a FAA licenced avionics supply and repair center and also offers transponder certification for the areas of Ann Arbor, Detroit, Pontiac, Southeast Michigan, Troy, Waterford, Ypsilanti, MI and Michigan.

A transponder communicates with ground radar systems and can receive and send radio signals that enable ground controllers to determine the position, altitude as well as speed and direction. If the transponder is not working or is switched off ground control will lose valuable positioning information and vital data regarding the aircraft. Most of us know about Malaysian airliner that went missing and part of the problem there was that the transponder was turned off.

According to FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) regulations laid down in FAR 91.413 all aircraft flying in airspace requiring transponders have to undergo transponder testing and certification. This certification needs be done every 24 months.  A pilot static certification is also required.  Altimeter testing may also be required and will be undergo leak, friction and scale test.

An authorized avionics facility such as Top Flight will run tests in code lines, power out, frequency, reply times and more. Tests are also carried out on the encoder to ensure it is matched to the altimeter.

The certification requirements apply to both VFR and IFR transponder equipped aircraft.  Faulty transponder systems can cause serious problems with ATC radar systems and certification is there to ensure minimum requirements are met.  These FAA regulations also apply to experimental aircraft.

The testing and certification must be carried out by a licensed avionics center that will conduct proper tests in accordance with CFR Part 43 and other relevant regulations. Top Flight Avionics, a Michigan based company, is an FAA approved transponder certification center and can help you remain current in terms of the requirement.

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