Information About ADS-B Installations in Detroit, Waterford, Troy, and Southeast Michigan

ADS-B, or Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast is a type of technology aimed at making the skies safer. It is used in the aircraft industry to help an airplane be easily identified and its position be easily determined with the help of satellites. The ADS-B technology allows periodic broadcasting of an airplane’s position, which in turn allows for the airplane to be tracked for a safer journey.

ADS-B installation is available in Michigan – MI, Detroit, Waterford, Troy, Southeast Michigan. The system is also used to identify other aircraft so that pilots are able to avoid collision. The ADS-B system is very efficient; therefore in countries such as Australia ADS-B installation is mandatory.

ADS-B installation will also become mandatory in the US for some aircraft by 2020, although the FAA has begun implementing ADS-B systems since 2009. The technology is being explained and taught within the ADS-B Academy, through which avionics technicians and everyone involved in flying airplanes learn how to work with the ADS-B. The project is called NextGen.

There are numerous things to consider when planning an ADS-B installation on an airplane, including the types of advantages you want to benefit from with your new system. Then, the use of  an ADS-B system will become mandatory by 2020 if you fly in the following airspace levels:

  • Class A
  • Class B
  • Class C
  • Class E
  • Above 10,000 ft MSL

There are two main ADS-B installation solutions, ADS-B “In” and ADS-B “Out”. You will need the ADS-B “In” solution if you fly in the above-mentioned airspace, and you will need an Out solution if you fly in other levels of  the airspace.

In a nutshell, by 2020 you will need ADS-B installation, whether it is an In or an Out system.

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