The GFC™ 500 Digital Autopilot

Top Flight Avionics is all about safety. Although we have been repairing most all existing brands of autopilots for a long time, we also will tell our customers when it’s time to consider an upgrade. The GFC 500 autopilot system is one of the best. Priced well, it has the built-in ability to self-monitor and will cost you less over time due to efficiency that reduces maintenance and inspections. It was designed for light piston, fixed-wing aircraft but it is becoming available for more models.  Click here to see the growing list.

FEATURES of the GFC 500:

  • Underspeed and overspeed protection
  • A dedicated return-to-level (LVL) mode button
  • Garmin ESP (Electronic Stability and Protection)
  • Flight Director (FD)
  • Coupled approaches and missed approaches when paired with a compatible navigator and much more
  • 2-axis (pitch and roll) capabilities with optional pitch-trim
  • Yaw damper capability is optionally available for select aircraft models
  • Ability to pair the GFC 500 with a GTN Xi series navigator to enhance theSmart Glide™ technology for emergency engine power loss situations
  • A digitally controlled product providing ultra-smooth roundouts, intercepts and more
  • Includes a compact size mode controller requiring minimal space

The GFC 500 autopilot is highly capable, reliable and affordable!!

There is no substitute for flying safe. At Top Flight Avionics we trust Garmin products because of their warranties and support team. Our team of professionals can work with you on a configuration, options and provide you with an installation that works for your goals.  We are a trusted avionics company – in business since 1989.  Our services include IFR/VFR and transponder certifications, avionics and autopilot repairs, and flight line maintenance.  We’re happy to talk to you about any needs you have.

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