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Avionics Installations, ads-b installation and installation, repair of aircraft radios and avionics in Southeast Michigan

The most reliable avionics systems are those that look as good from behind the panel as they do from the front. The quality of wiring, the connections and the mounting is every bit as important as the dependability of the radios and instruments. Make no mistake, cutting corners during the installation process of your aircraft’s electronics can often lead to undesirable or even catastrophic results.

Top Flight Avionics skilled and experienced technicians offer a full range of products and services. Exacting standards and a commitment to outstanding quality produce exceptionally reliable installations. There specialist understand the importance of designing and building first-rate avionics systems. That’s why at Top Flight Avionics we take the time to do installations right. We begin by carefully analyzing your aircraft’s existing components, and then determining the work load and the capabilities for your plane. With that information our specialist can create a customized avionics solution for you that will be safe, effective and within your budget. We also offer avionics bench repairs.

Here at Top Flight Avionics we have a fully equipped metal shop, wiring room and ample floor space to accommodate large aircrafts.  Our technicians have the training and experience necessary to install everything from standard avionics components to multifunctional displays.

The Top Flight Avionics management staff includes an FAA Certified Inspection Authorization (IA) Technician. The IA, as well as the repair station inspectors, closely monitor all phases of the installation process, assuring that the work that you can, and can’t see, is done to our rigorous standards.


IFR Certification, VFR Certification, and Transponder Certification in and around Michigan

All transponder-equipped aircraft, both VFR and IFR, must have their systems tested and certified every two years, and aircraft operating under IFR must also undergo altimeter and static system testing as well. If you are looking for Michigan IFR, Certification, VFR Certification or Transponder Certification, look no further than Top Flight! Located in Southeast Michigan, we are pleased to serve clients throughout the state with all of their certification needs. As your local, avionics experts, our staff can provide you with complete certification inspections as well as equipment packages to help you achieve certification. Whether this is your first time going through the certification procedure, or you simply need to update your certification, Top Flight is here to help! We’ll provide you with the exceptional service you need to get back in the air in no time!

IFR Certification

IFR Certification requires the testing of your aircraft’s static system and transponder as well as certifying the encoder and altimeter. As your local, avionics experts, Top Flight can provide you with efficient testing of these systems and components to ensure your aircraft is compliant. Since the altimeter and encoder need to be removed from the aircraft for inspection, we recommend you schedule your IFR Certification in advance and allot for several hours of service. We can also provide you with the inspection services and any repairs necessary to help you maintain your IFR Certification.

VFR Certification

Like IFR Certification, VFR Certification is required every two years, however VFR Certification can usually be performed in under an hour. When you bring in your aircraft for VFR Certification, Top Flight’s experienced crew will inspect your transponder for proper transponder certification. Transponders systems that fail to meet the minimum requirements can cause problems with ATC radar systems. If your transponder is out-of-alignment or isn’t operating properly, our technicians have the knowledge and expertise to repair it. So, you can meet the transponder certification requirements in no time.

Top Flight is proud to serve clients throughout Pontiac, Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, Detroit, MI and the surrounding areas with complete IFR, Certification, VFR Certification and Transponder Certification services. If your aircraft is not currently up to code for certification, we can provide you with the avionics repair work or new equipment installation necessary to bring you up to certification eligibility. If you have questions about IFR, Certification, VFR Certification or Transponder Certification, or would like to schedule your inspection and certification service, please contact us today!


Whether it’s in your hanger or on our shop floor, Top Flight Avionics Flight Line technicians have the expertise necessary to troubleshoot and repair all makes of avionics systems in aircrafts ranging from the smallest aircrafts to the largest corporate jets. Having the latest in test equipment, Top Flight Avionics flight line technicians can bring the repair station to your aircraft on the ramp.

The FAA has certified the avionics repair station of Top Flight Avionics to perform flight line maintenance in our own facility or at your location. No job is complete until Top Flight Avionics technicians perform extensive quality inspections to ensure that your aircraft is completely ready to return to service. Your safety and satisfaction is our #1 goal.

Do you know when your 24-month FAR 91.411/91.413 inspections are due?


Bendix/King and Century Flight Autopilot Repair in Ypsilanti, Detroit, Ann Arbor, and all Southeast Michigan

Autopilot is an essential component to your aircraft. If your autopilot is “buggy” or not operating properly, it is important to address the issue right away. Ignoring autopilot issues is not only dangerous, but it can lead to additional issues down the road. Replacing your autopilot can be costly, but it may not be necessary. At Top Flight Avionics. our highly trained and skilled technicians are experienced in Bendex/King and Century Flight Autopilot Repair, and can provide you with the services you need to properly assess, troubleshoot and repair your autopilot. We will thoroughly evaluate your autopilot system, and provide you with the feedback you need in order to make informed decisions about repair or replacement.

While many providers may offer autopilot repair, few have the experience, technology and skill you will find here at Top Flight Avionics. Autopilot service and repair shouldn’t be trusted to just anyone. The autopilot system is complex and requires in-depth understanding and knowledge in order to perform proper repair service. As your Southeast Michigan avionics experts, we have worked with clients from Ann Arbor to Pontiac, Ypsilanti to Detroit, providing them with the insight and innovation necessary to efficiently and effectively repair their autopilot systems. In fact, we have successfully completed Bendex/King and Century Flight Autopilot Repair projects that other avionics providers have turned away or been unable to accomplish. So, you can be confident that we will do everything possible to repair your autopilot when possible, eliminating the need for replacement. In addition, we stock a huge selection of new and used avionics components. This allows us to handle all services in an efficient and timely fashion; so we can have you safely up in the air again in no time!

Top Flight Avionics is a FAA Approved repair facility, and we are proud to have earned a reputation as the trusted choice in Michigan for Bendex/King and Century Flight Autopilot Repair. Our expertise in autopilot repair has attracted customer from throughout Southeast Michigan and across the region, and we welcome even the most challenging repairs and system troubleshooting. Our expert technicians welcome the opportunity to evaluate your autopilot repair needs and put their skills and expertise to work for you. Whether it’s a Bendex/King, Century Flight or other system, contact us today for all of your autopilot repairs! We appreciate the opportunity to meet your needs and exceed your expectations!top :


Top Flight Avionics provides certified avion t ics repair, autopilot repair, and radar repair in and around Southeast Michigan and Detroit.


ADS-B Mandate

The FAA has mandated ADS-B Out by 2020 on all aircraft operating in current Mode-C airspace. While 2020 may sound far away, it’s never too early to get your aircraft up-to-date with ADS-B installation. In fact, the ADS-B ground infrastructure is already in place, and ADS-B installation is a significant investment that many aircraft owners will want to prepare for in advance. As your Michigan avionics experts, Top Flight can provide you with the ADS-B installation your aircraft needs to meet all ADS-B Mandate requirements.

What is ADS-B?

Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast, or ADS-B, is the latest state-of-the-art system for air traffic surveillance. Each aircraft installed with ADS-B equipment broadcasts its own GPS position, as well as its heading, altitude, ground track and ground speed. Ground receivers receive this data and transmit it to air traffic control displays. This information can also be received by other nearby aircraft with ADS-B In capabilities and displayed on a MFD (multi-function display).

There are many advantages to the ADS-B system, as it allows air traffic controllers to improve separation services and provide continuous descent approaches. For those piloting an ADS-B In equipped aircraft, the benefits include better situational awareness and more efficient and calculated traffic avoidance.

Equipment Requirements

At Top Flight, we are pleased to meet your ADS-B Mandate equipment requirements at the best value. ADS-B Out aircrafts need a special transponder that is DO-260-B-compliant. While this transponder works on the same 1090-MHz frequency as mode-S transponders, it has the ability to send an extra 56 bits of information, also known as extended-squitter capabilities. The aircraft’s GPS needs to be compliant with TSO (Technical Standard Order), C146C. In addition, annunciators are required in order to alert pilots when the ADS-B capabilities or the transponder fail and a radio tuning unit is required so that the pilot can turn off the ADS-B extended-squitter function when necessary.

As the U.S. ADS-B Mandate deadline approaches, the demand for installation service increases. In order to ensure your aircraft is compliant, we recommend you schedule your ADS-B installation service at your earliest convenience. At Top Flight, we have the resources and expertise to perform all ADS-B installations, both Out and In.

Whether you are in Pontiac, Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, Detroit, MI or the surrounding areas, Top Flight is at your service! Contact our Southeast Michigan avionics experts today, and let us put our expertise to work for you!


Top Flight Avionics offers a complete detailing service including:

*Wet Wash
*Dry Wash
*Exterior Wax
*Chrome Buffing + Polish
*Boot Clean + Refurbishment
*Complete Interior Detail
*Leather Cleaning + Conditioning

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