Avidyne IFD550

Premium Touch Screen

Avidyne IFD550

The IFD550 has all the features and power of the IFD540 with the added benefit of 3-dimensional Synthetic Vision views. Thanks to its integrated Attitude Reference System (ARS) and Dynamic SVS, you can “see” all your flight information laid out in front of you, giving you unprecedented situational awareness.  Synthetic Vision shows terrain in 3D with hazard alerting, obstacles, and traffic. Everything you need to see on a bright, easy-to-view 5.7” touchscreen.

Just like the IFD440 and IFD540, the IFD550 delivers on features and functionality.  Features include touchscreen with knobs and buttons, Page & Tab user interface, GeoFill, automatic waypoint nomination, and easy airway flight planning.

The IFD550 boasts is a 5.7” diagonal display with full VGA and 65,535 colors. Functional when flying in ultra bright sunlight, the LED backlighting makes the IFD550 display visible in any environmental condition.


  • Full SBAS/LPV FMS/GPS/NAV/COM Capabilities
  • Attitude Reference System (ARS) and Dynamic ego-centric SVS
  • 3D exo-centric Synthetic Vision
  • Hybrid touch user interface
  • FMS Preview™ flight plan loading with real-time graphical depictions
  • Seamless integration to Avidyne’s IFD 100 iPad app
  • Powerful 10 Watt (Optional 16 Watt) VHF COM with 8.33kHz spacing