Avidyne IFD440

Avidyne’s IFD440 is a compact and robust upgrade for GNC-equipped aircraft.  It provides a plug-n-play touchscreen FMS/GPS/NAV/COM. The IFD440 is easy to use and easy to install. Easy to use, easy to install.  The touchscreen interface is convenient and helps with turbulence. The panel-mounted navigator makes flight planning and in-flight changes easier because the WiFi/Bluetooth® capabilities work seamlessly with an iPad.

All IFDs, including the IFD440, are equipped with Avidyne’s enhanced Synthetic Vision (SVS) for improved situational awareness. Synthetic vision is fully integrated and requires no additional boxes or wires.

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  • Full SBAS/LPV FMS/GPS/NAV/COM Capabilities
  • 3D exo-centric Synthetic Vision
  • Hybrid touch user interface
  • FMS Preview™ flight plan loading with real-time graphical depictions
  • Seamless integration to Avidyne’s IFD 100 iPad app
  • Power 10 Watt (Optional 16 Watt) VHF COM with 8.33kHz spacing


  • IFD440 GPS/NAV/COM (10W, Black bezel)
  • MK10 Keyboard
  • WiFi/Bluetooth Activation
  • FLTA/500′ Activation
  • Install kit, tray, backplate, and product information kit

*GPS antenna, if needed, is not included in price.

Additional Enablements & Options:

  • 16W VHF Activation
  • Helicopter Enablement Activation


The IFD440 can be paired with the IFD550, and leverages Avidyne’s Byteflight databus architecture for cross-communication. In dual installations, the dual-databus architecture allows pilots to enter the flightplan on the familar QWERTY keyboard of one unit, while viewing the Map on the other.