Aviation Electronics And Drones for Ann Arbor and Pontiac

Aviation electronics is a field connected to both unmanned aerial vehicles and human driven aircraft. In the first category are included two types of aerial vehicles, both often referred to as drones.

The first category is the UAV, or unmanned aerial vehicles. They are also known as remotely piloted aircraft, because these are vehicles that are controlled by humans, but remotely: the autonomous aircraft and the remotely piloted aircraft. These pieces of aircraft have the shape of an airplane and are used in motion picture filmmaking, sports, commercial aerial surveillance, and disaster relief.

In the second category are the quadcopters. Yes, their name is derived from “helicopters”, because they resemble in shape and flying with helicopters. The vehicles are remotely controlled by an individual. They have a simple design, and therefore do not require high maintenance. Quadcopters are mostly used in military and law enforcement, as a research platform, or with commercial purposes.

It was the evolution of aviation electronics that allowed the development of these products. Nowadays, thanks to aviation electronics, people have been able to create drones that they send out into space. These drones can be sent on research missions on the Moon and on the other planets in our solar system.

If you own a quadcopter or a UAV, then it is good to know that in Ann Arbor, Detroit, Pontiac, Southeast Michigan, Troy, Waterford, Ypsilanti, MI, Michigan there are companies that sell avionics instruments. These include base stations, annunciators, antennas, cleaners, auto-pilots systems, transceivers, cooling fans, and all the equipment you need to run your aerial vehicle in complete safety.

If you need aviation electronics or equipment, contact a specialized aviation company in your area from Ann Arbor, Detroit, Pontiac, Southeast Michigan, Troy, Waterford, Ypsilanti, MI, Michigan. An aviation electronics technician can also advise on the proper use of UAVs, their maintenance requirements, and costs.

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