Transponder Certification in Michigan

Frequently asked questions about transponder and transponder certification


There are some questions about the transponder that the majority of those who need transponder certification ask. So if you need transponder certification in Ann Arbor, Detroit, Pontiac, Southeast Michigan, Troy, Waterford, Ypsilanti, MI and Michigan then read this article to see if your questions are answered.

Can I fly into a Mode C Veil without a transponder?

The pilot needs to call the nearest radar facility for the Class B airspace and ask for permission if he wants to fly without an operable transponder. According to the agreement which specifies the direction of flight and flight altitude, the pilot will receive a code number that he will have to mention to the controller.

The same procedure applies for a pilot with an inoperative transponder who flies in and out of the Mode C veil airports for avionics repair.

Can I fly without the transponder certification?

No, you can’t fly without the transponder certification. According to CFR 91.413, all aircrafts need to renew their transponder certifications every two years. The verification needs to be done by an FAA certified AP-IA mechanic.

You should know that not all repair stations are certified mechanics.  Note: For new certifications or if the transponder has been replaced there a Data Correspondence Check is required. It is used for securing the altitude data transmitted to ATC to see if it the same with the normal altitude maintaining flight per CFR 91.

But, there is an exception. If the aerospace in which you are flying does not request the transponder, then it is not necessary to have a certification.

Which is the specific transponder language and what does it mean?

There are a few expressions in transponder language that you should know about:

  • Squawk – the transponder must be managed in code Mode A;
  • Squawk Mayday – means that the transponder must be conducted in the emergency position (7700);
  • Squawk Altitude – or the ALT option which means the Mode C is on with automatic altitude report;
  • Ident – use the transponder’s feature “Ident”.

Do you have more questions about transponder certification?

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