Transponder and IFR certification throughout Michigan

Transponder and IFR certification in Michigan

Aircraft that are equipped with transponders have to be inspected and certified every 24 months. Top Flight Avionics is an FAA certified repair station operating in Ann Arbor, Detroit, Pontiac, Southeast Michigan, Troy, Waterford, Ypsilanti, MI and Michigan and can perform the required inspections for transponder certification.


Transponder certification is necessary to ensure the aircraft’s altitude equipment and systems operate correctly.  Transponders and related equipment must meet certain minimum performance and environmental standards. Faulty transponder systems can cause serious problems with ATC radar systems and this will pose unacceptable aviation risks.

Transponder Inspection and testing is required for both VFR (visual flight rules) and IFR (instrument flight rules) regulations and standards. In addition IFR aircraft must also undergo altimeter and static systems inspections and tests.

If you need IFR certification, VFR certification or transponder certification in Michigan then you should speak to the team at Top Flight Avionics. They can help you with first time inspections, certification updates as well as equipment repairs needed to achieve certification.

IFR certification involves the transponder as well as encoder, altimeter and static systems. For IFR testing the altimeter and encoder must be removed from the aircraft. The IFR testing and related repairs could take several hours and it is best if you schedule your IFR certifications one week in advance.

VFR certification is less stringent and can be done in less than an hour. The expert technicians at Top Flighty can quickly repair transponders that are faulty or out of alignment. Top Flight Avionics is an FAA approved repair center and have overhaul capabilities for more than 5000 items. They also hold class ratings for communications, navigation and radar equipment. This means they can take care of your aircrafts maintenance and repairs as well your transponder, IFR and related certifications.

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