Opening Your Own Certified Avionics Repair Shop in Detroit, Waterford, Troy or Southeast Michigan

Are you thinking about opening a certified avionics repair shop in Michigan MI, Detroit, Waterford, Troy, Southeast Michigan? Here is some useful information to help you get started.

First of all, in order for you to be able to open a certified avionics repair shop you will have to be a certified avionics technician. An avionics specialist bears a lot of responsibility on their shoulders, because they are the ones who decide whether an airplane is ready to takeoff or not.

Therefore, not many people like to assume this job. To be an avionics specialist you must be certified by the Federal Aviation Administration, which is the organization that allows you to practice avionics independently. You need to be of age (18 or more), you also need to have a high school diploma and speak English fluently. Other airplane maintenance skills are also required. The classes for Avionics Technicians usually span over the space of two years, and during this time you have to complete at least 1900 hours of technical training.

Once you are a certified technician you can start thinking about opening your certified avionics repair shop. Remember this is not a one-man job, therefore, to get some experience you can get hired as an avionics technician at some of the existing companies. It will give you an insight on the systems and processes that are implemented within the company.

As an avionics technician, chances are you will spend most of your time in an airplane hangar, troubleshooting, maintaining and inspecting planes’ electrical systems. If owning your own avionics repair shop, you will probably be required to work during weekends and holidays to make sure your clients are content with your work.

Speaking of which, you will also need to cater towards a very specific target audience. Therefore, getting clients can be a real challenge for your  certified avionics repair shop.

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