Avionics and Avionics Repair in Ann Arbor, Detroit, Pontiac, Troy, Waterford, Ypsilanti

What should you know about avionics?


Are you a person interested in airplanes, helicopters, or any other aircrafts? If so, you should know that nowadays, almost all flight controls from these machines are controlled by electronic components called avionics. If you want to find out more information about these devices, you should continue reading this article.

As stated before in this article, avionics are electronic devices that are used to facilitate the control of an aircraft. These pieces of equipment can be divided in 7 main categories among which, the most important are:

  • Communications
  • Navigation
  • Monitoring
  • Flight-control systems
  • Black boxes


Avionics are used in airplanes, among all other uses, to help the flight deck communicate with both passengers and with the people on the ground. Communication between aircrafts is also made through these electronics.


In order for the pilot to permanently know his location, aircrafts use avionics. These can determinate the position of the aircraft by using a satellite, ground based systems, or a combination of those two. The modern navigation systems, can determine your location anywhere on earth, no matter if you are near Michigan, Ann Arbor, Detroit, MI, Pontiac, Southeast Michigan, Troy, Waterford, Ypsilanti, or near a place located in the Sahara Desert.

Flight-control systems

Among these aircraft control systems, the most important one is auto-pilot. By using such a auto guidance systems, the pilot error, and also the workload are greatly reduce, especially key points of the flight such as landing or take-off. These systems, combined with the navigation systems, also prevent any collisions between aircrafts.

Black boxes

This type of avionics are used nowadays both with commercial  aircrafts, and they are designed to record flight data and cockpit sounds, so in case of a crash the investigators will be able to determine its cause.



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