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Aviation electronics have to meet certification requirements

Aviation electronics is a central part of an aircraft that enables proper communications, navigation ad flight control and safety.  Any repair work on these vital systems should only be carried out by qualified and certified technicians from or at an FAA Approved Repair Station. Top Flight Avionics is an accredited, licensed and approved repair avionics center in the areas of Ann Arbor, Detroit, Pontiac, Southeast Michigan, Troy, Waterford, Ypsilanti and MI, Michigan.

The cockpit of an aircraft is home to a a variety of avionic equipment that plays a crucial role in , aircraft control, monitoring, communication, navigation, weather, and anti-collision systems. Apart from the obvious need to maintain these systems is top-notch condition, there are also rules and regulations that obligate aircraft owners and operators to maintain the avionics and electronics and to have their aircraft certified according to specified periods and time lines.

For example IFR certification obligates you to have your aircrafts static systems, transponders, encoders and altimeters tested in order to obtain certification and clearance. This testing must take place every two years.  VFR is another compulsory certification that is required every 2 years.

Top Flight can perform all the required tests related to aviation electronics and related systems and conduct repairs if needed. They will inspect, test, maintain and repair all your important avionics equipment so that your aircraft can meet the requirements for certification.

If your aircraft’s crucial components fail to meet the required standards they will need to be repaired or replaced. Such replacement or repair work requires skilled and licensed aviation technicians or engineers as well as specialised high-tech equipment. Only an FAA approved facility is authorised to work on aviation electronics and related parts and components.  This way safety standards are met and you will be able to obtain the required certifications you need to fly and operate your aircraft.


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