Aviation Electronics in Ann Arbor, Detroit, MI and Michigan

Aviation electronics repairs and services by AET qualified technicians


Electronics in aviation products are crucial to the industry and enable vital functions such as monitoring, control, communication, navigation and cockpit systems integration. Aviation electronics is an extremely specialized field and only highly qualified technicians and engineers are able to work on these advanced electronic systems.

Top Flight Avionics is a Michigan based company that offers a one-stop solution for your aviation electronics and related needs. Whether you need a quick fix, a custom installation or a full upgrade of equipment, they have the people and the resources to get the job done. The wiring, circuits, connections and mountings behind the display panels have to adhere to the highest standards and precision work is called for when these are fixed, upgraded or installed.

There can be no compromise when dealing or working with aircraft avionics. That is why only trained and qualified AET (Aircraft Electronics Technician) technicians should work on your aircrafts avionics. AET technicians are qualified to work on a range of aircraft including those that are used by the military, by air cargo and by civilian and private companies.

Top Flight avionics specialists can maintain and repair various on board systems used for flight control, navigation and communications. They know how to trouble shoot problems, inspect components, replace faulty components, upgrade dated equipment and perform custom avionic installations.

They can work on most types of aviation electronics, from light aircraft to commercial jets, from cargo planes to passenger planes. If you need the job done at your hanger, they will send a specialist team with portable workstations to you.

Their FAA ratings include radio class 1, 2 and 3 as well as aircraft wire testing, repair, reconditioning and overhauling.

If you need avionic sales, service or repair work of leading brands such as Garmin, Gizmos, Honeywell, Flight-com and others you can rely on Top Flight for excellent customer service and superior workmanship.

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